Kattavakkam Sri Vishwaroopa Lakshmi Narasimhar temple

About the temple

The temple was first established in 2007 and the Lord was installed. The construction work is under process for the temple and other sannadhis. The Samprokshanam or Kumbabhishekam is scheduled for May 2011. The presiding deity is Sri Vishwaroopa Lakshmi Narasimha and is really huge-almost 25 ft from base till the adisesha hoods. His consort Lakshmi is seated on his lap embracing the lord with right side while the left hand has a lotus flower. and the Lord is smiling at his devotees. The Lord has three eyes - the third one in the forehead. The Lord's back left hand has a bow and arrow while the back right hand has a Sudarshana chakra. The forehands are in Abhaya and Varada hastha posture.

                                                       Pancha mukhi Narasimhar
How to reach

Travelling on the Bangalore-Chennai highway, cut the bypass to reach Sunguvar chatram junction and take the left (coming from chennai) or right (while coming from Bangalore) towards Walajabad just opposite the Ganesha temple in the junction. Keep moving on the road till you reach Kattavakkam which is about 13.5 kms. The temple is a few mtrs away on the left side and can be seen from the road itself. For devotees from Chengelpet, the route from Chengelpet to Kanchipuram would be shorter.

Temple timings and contact details

The temple is open from morning 8 am to evening 7 pm.

The contact person name is Sri Parthasarathy - 99529 55500, 9444225091 or 044 - 27290805

Temples in proximity

Sriperumbudur Adi Keseva perumal temple, Kanchipuram divyadesams


Sanctified Spaces said...

Oh must have been a gorgeous temple.The icon must have been a treat to your eye.Lucky you.

chitra said...

That is a new temple.Idol is beautiful.
Just visited Srivilliputur and Ayirkudi

EC said...

Yes Sanctified spaces..its a must visit and does wonders to your soul

@ Chitra..You mean Ariyakudi Srinivasar temple -the one near Karaikudi..we too plan to visit it sometime when we go that side..

veena krishnakumar said...

Thank you for sharing such a wonderful post. will visit :-)

chitra said...

Yes, its Ariyakudi, had typo error. One near Karaikudi. Beautiful temple.

anjsanj said...

அப்பா! எப்பேர்ப்பட்ட திவ்யரூபம். 4 வருடங்களாக கண்ட கனவு இன்றுதான் நிறைவேறியது. உங்கள் விபரங்களுக்கு நன்றி

Jai Nrusimha said...

To the website administrator or owner

The temple timing is incorrect. Please get this corrected as follows immediately.

7.00 a.m. IST to 12.00 Noon IST
4.00 p.m. IST to 7.00 p.m. IST

It will help the devotees to plan accordingly and to avoid any miscommunication.


S Vivek (alias) Narasimhan
97910 37393

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