Janardhana perumal temple, Varkala

About the temple

Janardhana temple is a major pilgrim spot in Varkala. This ancient temple has an history of almost 2000 years .

The temple stands facing the "papanasam" beach. Temple is also known for its beautiful architecture. The temple has a circular sanctum sanctorum.

Lord Janardhana  is the presiding deity . The presiding deity of this temple is Sri Janarthana Swami. The deity is found in standing position facing towards the east. His right hand is position as if he is performing “aachamanm”. His right hand is raised towards his mouth and legends say that if his hand goes nearer to his mouth, the world will come to an end. It is believed to happen at the end of the Kali Yuga.  ( Source:Wikipedia)

Offering obeisances to the departed souls and forefathers is a very important ritual in this temple. Four poojas are conducted in a day by the temple priest.

Other sannidhis:- Ganapathi, Shastha, Ananthan (Nagam) Shiva, Chandikesha, and Hanuman.

How to reach

Varkala  is roughly 46 Kms away from Trivandrum. Regular bus services are available to reach this place from  Trivandrum( Thiruvananthapuram). 

Temple tank and pushkarni

`Chakra Theertha’ on the northern part is the temple's pushkarni.

Temple timings

The temple is open in the mornings from 5:30 AM - 12:00 PM and in the evenings from 5:00 PM - 8:00 PM.

Temples in proximity

Arulmigu Kandasamy temple, Thiruporur

About the temple

This is one of the main shrines of Lord Murugan in Tamil Nadu.

“Por” in Tamil means war. Thiruporur is the place where the battle was fought against the “thalayaya asuran” ( connoting destruction of “arrogance or pride”.

Chidambaraswamy unearthed the Swayambu Moortis of Lord Muruga with his consorts and established the temple around 450 years ago. (Lord Muruga himself appeared as a small boy and gave him the vision of the sanctum sanctorum. Lord Meenakshi herself is said to have instructed chidambaramswamy to complete the mission of establishing this temple)

There is a separate sannadhi for Chidambaram swamy in this temple. The swayambu murthy of Lord Kandaswamy with his consorts grace the devotees visiting thiruporur.

How to reach

Thiruporur is well connected to Chennai city by bus. It is 46 km from Chennai on the Old Mahabaliburam road (OMR or IT corridor). Mahabalipuram is 16 Km away from Thirupporur. Thirupporur is also connected to Chengalpet by road.

Temple timings

The temple is open in the mornings from 06:00 am to 12:30 pm & in the evenings from 03:30 pm to 08:30 pm

Temples in proximity 

108 Divya desam pasurams (108 திவ்ய தேச பாசுரங்கள்.)

The Alvars during the early medieval period of Tamil history (between the 7th and 10th centuries CE) worshipped Vishnu and his avatars through their hymns. This collection of their hymns is known as Divya PrabhandhamMangalasasanam means "praying that the holy shrines be happy all the time". The Srivaishnava shrines that were sung about by the Alvars are called Divya Desams. The divyadesams that have the most number of pasurams sung upon them are Srirangam (247), Thirumala (202), Thirumaliruncholai and Thirukannapuram (128 each).

Web link to paasurams arranged by 108 divya desam.- Click here ( 12 Azhwars  S Bharathwaj)

பன்னிரு ஆழ்வார்கள் பாடிய நாலாயிரத்திவ்ய பிரபந்தத்தில் இடம்பெற்ற சிறப்புமிக்க வைணவத் திருத்தலங்கள் திவ்ய தேசம் எனவும், திவ்ய தேசங்களைப் பற்றிய பாடல்கள் மங்களாசாசனம் எனவும் அழைக்கப்படுகின்றன.
ஆழ்வார்களால் மங்களாசாசனம் பெற்ற திருத்தலங்கள் 108 ஆகும். அவையே 108 திவ்ய தேசங்கள் எனப்படுகின்றன. இவற்றில் 105 தலங்கள் இந்தியாவிலும், ஒன்று நேப்பாலிலும் உள்ளன. கடைசியாக உள்ள இரு தலங்கள் இவ்வுலகில் இல்லை. இவற்றைத் தவிர மற்ற 106 தலங்களுக்கும் தம் வாழ்நாளில் சென்று அத்தலத்திற்குரிய பாடல்களைப் பாடுதல் ஒரு வைணவ சமய வழிபாடாக உள்ளது.( Thanks: Wiki pedia)

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