Sri Madhava perumal temple, Mylapore - Chennai

About the temple

This temple is located in “Madhavapuram” in Mayurapuri i.e. in today’s Mylapore. The closest known landmark is the Mundakanniamman temple of Mylapore.

According to Mayurapuri mahadhmiyam in the Brahmandapuranam, when sage Vyasa requested the Lord to show him the holiest of places where he could do penance, he pointed out to Madhavapuram (Mylapore) where sage Bhrigu had earlier set up a hermitage and did penance. The Lord is hailed as Kalyana Madhavan as he married Goddess Amritavalli, who was born as Sage Bhrigu's daughter here.

Mundakanni amman temple, Mylapore-Chennai

About the temple

This temple is located in Mylapore (to the north of Kapaleeswara or Kabali temple). Mundakanniamman temple is also a landmark by itself.

Mundakanniamman temple is an ancient temple and very famous in the locales of Chennai. The tamil  month of aadi bears a special significance as in all amman temples.

Amman is seen as Sarawathi ( The goddess of education) and this place is also known to relieve naga dosham of the worshipping devotees.

Specialty of the temple

The theertham given in this temple is known as remedy for chicken pox. The main sannadhi has a tatched roof and Amman is said to be very powerful. The temple also relieves the devotees of naga dosham.

How to reach

Catch up a bus to Mylapore tank or Luz corner locality from any corner of Chennai.. Thirumayilai is the nearest metro station on the Chennai Beach-Velachery route. One more metro station is also coming up nearby. One can easily walk down to the temple either by taking the first left after Saravana Bhavan hotel on North Mada street adjoining the Kapaleeswarar tank. If you get down at Luz corner, go to Kutchery road till you see an arch on the left side that leads to the temple.

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Mundakanniamman sannidhi ( separate sannidhi for utsavar)
Banyan tree and Nagam
Nardhana Vinayagar, Murugar, Aiyappan, Hanuman, Raamalinga Adigal, Dhakshinamurthy along with Kasi Vishwanathar and Annapoorani have seperate Sanidhis here.

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