Veeraraghava Perumal Temple, Tiruvallur

About the temple

 The temple is one among the 108 divya desams of vaishnavas and a part of tondai naadu divyadesams. Amavasya days are believed to be auspicious for visiting this temple.

The presiding deity Veera raghava perumal is in a reclining position in the temple. The lord’s right hand is positioned on Salihothra Munivar’s head while the left hand is in the Gyana Mudra position indicating the teaching of the four Vedas to the Lord Brahma.

How to reach

Tiruvallur is on the Chennai Tirupati highway. A diversion takes you to the temple.

Nearest Rail Head- Tiruvallur
Nearest Air Head- Chennai

Share autos are the common mode of transport to the temple, although Public transport buses are also there connecting the bus stand and railway station. The temple is close to the bus stand.

Offerings to the Lord

The Lord’s abhishekam is performed only with sandalwood oil.

Salt and pepper offered to the god is believed to cure diseases and restore good health to the devotee. Small metal form of parts of body and other symbols are available in the nearby shops and these are put in the hundial by devotees for curing particular disease. This sthala is also believed to bless people with putra Santana. The lord is popularly known as Vaidhya Veeraraghava Perumal.


Veeraraghava Perumal
Kanakavalli thayar
Vedanta Desikar
Lakshmi Narasimha

Hrith paapanasini-The temple’s Pond

A dip in this holy water is capable of purifying even sins committed by mind.

Temple Timings and Contact Details

The temple is open from 6.30 am to 12 noon in the mornings and from 4 pm to 8 pm in the evenings.

The priest Sri. PVS Bhattar can be contacted at 27660378(STD Code-044)

Temples in proximity

Kakkalur Anjaneya temple

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swamy said...

thank you
I visited the temple with family and offered prayers for my health.Apart from salt and pepper,i was advised to melt jaggary{vellam in tamil} in the pond.

Anonymous said...

Swamy Veeraraghavan and Kanagavalli Thayar are prathyaksha deivams - I have had practical evidence in my life for the same

bala said...

what will be the temple timings on the amavasai days? whether it will be opened for the whole days or is there any timings on that days too?
what about the darshans on that particular days?

easycrafts said...

Thanks Swamy..Hope the Lord showers his blessings on you and your family and gives you a long healthy life

Thanks Anonymous

@ Bala..only on amavasya days, the temple will be open the whole day. Also there will be a huge rush on those days in the temple..Afternoons will be relatively free for darshan

Suneel Gudipati said...

Your posts have been really interesting, and helpful. I have linked to many of your posts in mine. Please do take a look.!

Priyanka said...

Is there some speech related mythology also related to this temple? Please explain.

EC said...

Thanks Suneel

@ Priyanka...I havent heard of anything that way abt the temple..In general everyone prays to the Lord and offer salt and pepper for good health

Gayathiri Ganapathy said...

In temple marriage is allowed to do in front of swamy.

sundar pooja said...

Whether we can stay in temple itself?

sundar pooja said...

Whether we can stay in temple itself?

EC said...

There are some math closeby where you can stay

vidya said...

Can we offer mudi kaanikkai here?

vidya said...

As in tonsuring...I want to take my daughter for mottai butbsince I am pregnant I cannot go till thirupathi

EC said...

I am not sure Vidya..pls call up the temple office for clarifications


Om Namo Narayanaya ,

swami , today one Great person told about the this temple, & stay sleep On " Amavasya " , how to reach from TIRUPATI , stay availability ...

Nearest temples information plz .


EC said...

From tirupathi there are many buses to tiruvallur. Trains from tirupathi to chennai stop at thiruvallur. For accommodation there are some math and hotels nearby

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