Sri Vedanta Desikar temple, Mylapore

rAmAnuja dayaapaathram jnana vairaaghya bhushaNam
Srimadh VenkatanAthAryam VandE Vedhaantha Desikam

About the temple

This temple is located in Mylapore (Near Chitra Kulam), the avatara sthalam of Peyazhwar. The temple with Swamy Desika’s shrine had been there for more than a couple of centuries when Lord Srinivasa executed his divine will through Sri Kasturi Iyengar who, in 1924, built shrines for Perumal and Thayar.

Every year numerous festivals are celebrated. Of these, Brahmothsavams, Desikar Uthsavam, Navarathri, Pavithra Uthsavam are among the prominent ones. Uthsavams commemorating the Thiru Nakshathrams of Azhwars and Aacharyas are conducted in the traditional manner.

Inscriptions of some important renderings (slokas) by the great acharya is graved on the temple walls.

How to reach

Catch up a bus to Mylapore tank stop from any corner of chennai.. Take the South Mada street till u reach Chitrakulam. This temple is very near to chitra kulam in Mylapore and adjacent to Adhi keseva perumal temple. Thirumayilai is the nearest metro station.

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Srinivasa perumal
Alarmel manga thayar
Vedhanta acharya and lakshmi hayvadhan( hayagreeva)
Sri Rama
Sri Lakshmi Narasimha
Sri Sudharsanar ( Sri ChakkarathazhwarKodhai)
Kodhai ( Andal)
Sri Bhasyakarar
Senai Nathan, Azhwars, Aacharyas are located in a separate sannidhi.

Temple timings

The temple is open from 6.30 am to 11. am in the mornings and 4.00 pm to 9.00 pm in the evenings.

Temples in proximity

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