Sri Madhava perumal temple, Mylapore - Chennai

About the temple

This temple is located in “Madhavapuram” in Mayurapuri i.e. in today’s Mylapore. The closest known landmark is the Mundakanniamman temple of Mylapore.

According to Mayurapuri mahadhmiyam in the Brahmandapuranam, when sage Vyasa requested the Lord to show him the holiest of places where he could do penance, he pointed out to Madhavapuram (Mylapore) where sage Bhrigu had earlier set up a hermitage and did penance. The Lord is hailed as Kalyana Madhavan as he married Goddess Amritavalli, who was born as Sage Bhrigu's daughter here.

Peyazhwar, the last of the three saintly men hailed as "Mudhalazhwargal," was born in a 60-feet deep well known as Manikairavam, to the south-east of the temple.

Taking a dip in “Santhana Pushkarini: on masi makam is considered very holy.Amrithavalli thayar’s Thirukkalyanam with the Lord is celebrated on the Panguni Uthiram day. Peyalwar avatara is celebrated during the Tamil month of Aipasi in this temple.This temple is known for prayers offered to lord with respect to marriage and child boon.

How to reach

This place is very near to Luz corner ( Chennai /Madras Mylapore/ Thirumayilai). Ask for Mundakanniamman temple in Mylapore. Once you reach Mundakanniamman temple,  you can see the entrance arch of Madahava perumal temple quite nearby.

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Sri Madhava Perumal with his consorts in sitting posture ( utsavar Kalyana Madhavan)
Amrithavalli Thayar
Ramanuja, Manavala mamunigal
Lakshmi Varahar- Boo Varahar ( Supposedly varaprsadi for education )
Bala Anjaneyar

Pushkarini and Vimanam

Santhana pushkarini
Ananda nilaya vimanam (Similar to Ananda Vimanam in Tirupati)

Temple timings:

The temple is open from 7 to 12 in the mornings and 4.30pm to 8.30pm in the evenings * may change during festival days.

Temples in proximity

Mundakanniamman temple, Keseva perumal temple, Sri vedanta desika devasthanam, Kabali temple

Some more pictures of the praharam


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Pray to Madhava. He will bestow YOU with all good things in life. HE will never let you down. chant MADHAVA, MADHAVA AT ALL TIMES! i HAVE FELT HIS DIVINE BLISS MANY TIMES / SHANKARAN

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