Ashta dikka golu at Triplicane Sri Parthasarathy temple, Chennai

A very beautiful and huge golu has been set up for the first time at the rear entrance of Sri Parthasarathy temple in Triplicane, Chennai. The Astha dikku golu ( can be seen from 8 sides) is based on Vishnu's 10 avatars and is a delight to golu lovers.

Here are pictures of the golu for those who wouldnt be able to make it this time..Click on Read more to view all the 20 pictures of the golu

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Anu said...

This is just awesome!!! I have never seen anything like it..

Anu said...

Hey, just wanted to tell you that I have linked to this post from my blog.. the post will be on tomorrow morning, so u can go ahead and take a look..heres the link..

Lakshmi said...

Beautiful and awesome kolu....excellent creativity and thought process..

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