Sri Hridayaleeswarar temple, Tiruninravur - Chennai

About the temple

The temple is close to Lord Bhaktavatsala perumal temple in Tiruninravur on the outskirts of Chennai. ( Story  credit- google)
Poosalar hailed from a town called Ninravur. He was a great devotee of Lord Siva and longed to build a temple for his Lord, though he was a very poor man. He roamed far and wide to get the required funds, but his efforts were not fruitful. He was desperate and distressed beyond words.

Suddenly a thought struck him. "Why do I not attempt to build a temple for my Lord in my heart? Why should I beg these worthless persons who have no devotion for my Lord?" He determined to do so. He studied the Agama Sastras and consulted knowledgeable Sivacaryas. The thought got shape in his mind and gathered further strength and determination - this thought of building a grand temple for his Lord.

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