Tiruninravur Bhaktavatsalar temple

The main gopuram

About the temple

Bhaktavatsalar perumal is the presiding deity at Tiruninravur. The temple is one among the 108 divyadesam of Srivaishnavas and a part of tondai naadu divyadesams. The lord here is in standing position facing east. The story behind this temple goes to say that Samudraja, the father of goddess Mahalaxmi had prayed to Lord Vishnu here. Hence, the lord had come to this place and decided to stay here. Goddess laxmi also followed and hence the place is known as tiru ninra vur, the place where the lord stayed.

Another story associated with this temple is that one of the alwars, tirumangai alwar had visited this place, but left without singing a pasuram in praise of the lord. The lord apparently followed him and later he sang a pasuram praising the lord. Another pasuram was also sung for lord bhaktavastsalar by tirumangai alwar from a place called tirukkannamangai.

How to reach

Tiruninravur is 30 kms from Chennai. Suburban trains from Chennai central to Arakonam, Tiruvallur, Tiruttani and Kadambattur stop at Tiruninravur. After getting down, from one side you can reach the Chennai Tirupati highway while the other side goes to the temple and Poonamalle. Share autos, private autos and buses are available to go to the temple. Private autos charge Rs 20 one way while share autos charge Rs 5 one way. You could even walk down to the temple.

The temple is about 2 kms from the station. An alternate route is through poonamalle. Buses plying from poonamalle to tiruninravur station stop at the temple first before reaching the station.

You could also reach tiruninravur station from other places on the Chennai-Tirupati highway by bus on CTH road, cross over the track and reach the temple.

Nearest railway station: Tiruninravur (suburban), Chennai Central (rail head)
Nearest airport: Chennai

Vimanam and Pushkarni

The pushkarni or temple pond is known as Varuna pushkarni while the vimanam is known as Srinivasa utpala vimanam.


Bhaktavatsala perumal
Ennai petra taayar
Andal sannadhi
Adi sheshan

Other temples closeby

Yeri katha rama temple-
This temple is right behind the bhaktavatsalar temple. The temple is on the banks of a huge lake. Lord rama looks splendid with laxmanan, sita and hanuman.

Hanuman temple-
This temple is in front of the main entrance of bhaktavatsalar temple.

Hrudayaliswarar temple- A big Shiva temple is close to the bhaktavatsalar temple and the gopuram can be seen from Bhaktavatsalar temple. Follow this link to know more about the temple ...Hrudyaliswarar temple

Temple Timings and Contact Details

The temple is open from 7.30 am to 12 noon in the mornings and from 4.30 pm to 8.30 pm in the evenings.

The priest to be contacted is Sri Manivanna Bhattar (26390434-STD Code 044)
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