Sri Uyyavantha Perumal Temple, Tiruvithuvakodu

About the temple

The temple is situated on the banks of Bharatapuzha river in Kerala.
Uyyavantha Perumal is the presiding deity in this temple and is present in nindra tirukolam. The thayar here is known as vithuvakotu valli or padmapaani nachiyar. The temple is more famous as Anjumoorthy temple. It is one among the Malai naadu divyadesams of Sri Vaishnavas.

How to Reach

The temple is close to Pattambi on the Shoranur - Kallikottai route. Hiring a private vehicle or auto would be the ideal way to visit the temple.
Nearest railway station: Pattambi railway station

Specialty of the temple

Right behind the sannadhi for Lord Shiva, there is the sannadhi of Uyyavanta Perumal. Lord Uyyavantha is known as Abhava pirathan too. The temple exists from the Mahabharata period and there are four sannadhis in the same complex worshipped by Pancha Pandavas. One sannadhi worshipped by Arjuna, Dharma, Bheema each and the last one worshipped by Nakul and Sahadev.


Uyyavantha Perumal
Vithuvakottu valli

Pushkarni and Vimanam

The pushkarni here is called Chakkara Theertham and the vimanam is Thathuva Kanchana Vimaanam.

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