Vadabhatrasaai Perumal Koil, Srivilliputtur

About the temple

Sri Andal was found here in tulsi shrubs and Periyalwar was taking care of her. Periyalwar was dedicating flower garlands to Lord Rangammanar here. Once he happened to see Sri Andal wearing those garlands first before offering the lord and was very angry on this. He made a fresh garland for the lord and offered them. However, Lord Rangammanar didn’t accept them and said he would wear only those garlands which were first worn by Sri Andal. Thus, Sri Andal is also known as “Soodi Kudutha Sudar Kodi” or “Soodi Kudutha Nachiyaar”. Sri Andal was married to Lord Ranganatha of Srirangam here.

There are two floors in the Srivadabhadra saayi temple with Laxmi Narasimha, 12 alwars and dasavatharam in the ground floor and Lord Vadabhadra saayi in the upper floor.

How to reach
 The temple is close to Virudhnagar in Tamilnadu. Although Srivilliputtur station (on the Virudhnagar-Tenkasi route) is the nearest railway station to the temple, Madurai is well connected with other cities and so more accessible. The temple is about 70 kms from Madurai.

Nearest railhead: Madurai
Nearest Airport: Madurai


Lord Vadabhatra saai
Lord Rangammanar (in kalyana thirukolam) with Sri Andal and Garudalwar
Laxmi Narayanan
Vijayalaxmi Thayar
Chakratalwar (holding 16 weapons) (Yoga Narasimhar at rear)
Laxmi Narasimhar
Varaha Perumal
Senai Muthalwar

Specialty of the temple

Sri villiputtur is the avathara sthalam of Sri Andal and Periyalwar.

Garudalwar is present here along with thayar near the lord which is unique in Vaishnava temples as normally garudalwar sannadhi is opposite the main sannadhi.

There is a nandhavanam where Sri Andal is said to have been found by Periyalwar.

The main gopuram is the second biggest in Asia, next only to Srirangam.

Pushkarni and Vimanam

The temple pond is known as Thirumukkulam and the vimanam is known as Samsana Vimanam.

Temple Timings and Contact Details
The temple is open from 6.30am to 12 noon in the mornings and from 4 pm to 9 pm in the evenings.

The person to the contacted is Sri Bala Mukunda Araiyar (94438 67345)

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Robo said...

Great blog! Good pictures and also let's all the bloggers have chance to explore the temples in India virtually.
Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

I love your blog. So many wonderful info. If it is possibile pls. give mailing address of the each temple. So people living outside of India can do puja etc via mail. This is just a suggestions. Thank you.


Anonymous said...

Feel enthralled and humbled by the tall gopuram darshan. Also sad at no having been there personally!

aanmiga kadal said...

தங்களின் வலைப்பூத்தகவல்கள் அருமை.இதுவரை நான் கேள்விப்படாதவை

Ramakrishnan said...

I am in need of Srivilliputtur temple phone number or Thrivannamalai (Then Tirupati) temple phone number to talk to the priest to arrange certain pooja's...appreciate any help.

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