Sri Azhagiya Singar Perumal Temple, Thiruvelukkai

About the temple

The temple is among the 108 divyadesams of Sri Vaishnavas and comes under Tondai naatu divyadesams. The presiding deity here is Sri Azhagiyasingar (Naarsimhar), also called Mukunda nayakar in standing posture. Thayar is called Velukkaivalli or Amritavalli.

After Narasimha avatharam, Lord Vishnu appeared as Narasimha again to safeguard the people who were being troubled by asuras. The Lord chased the asuras away and decided to stay here out of his own desire to continue protecting people from evil forces. Hence the place got its name as Velukkai- where Vel means Wish and irukkai means stay.

How to reach

There are two routes to reach the temple..

1. Take the road straight from Kanchipuram bus stand towards SH 116. Instead of taking the right for the SH, go straight and take the left to Vilakoli perumal street. After a few metres, there is a mandapam on the left- take a right turn just opposite this mandapam as indicated in the map..the temple tank is visible on the left and the temple is just next to it.

2. On the way to Varadaraja perumal temple from the bus stand, take the right just before Asthabujagarm temple towards Vilakoli perumal street. After a few metres, take the left to the temple as indicated in the map.


Azhagiya singar Perumal
Amritavalli thayar
Alwars and acharyas

Temple pushkarni and vimanam

The temple tank is called Kanaka saras and the vimanam is known as Kanaka vimanam.

Temple timings

The temple is open in the mornings from 7 am to 10.30 am and in the evening from 5 pm to 7.30 pm.

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chitra said...

I have seen only 2 divyadesams in Kanchipuram. May I should keep this temple in mind when I make my next visit.

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