Siva - Vishnu temple, T.nagar - Chennai

About the temple

This temple is right in the center of the city and in the most popular shopping place of Chennai. The sannadhis of both Shiva and Vishnu are present in the same temple. Also there are sannadhis for various other gods belonging to Vaishnavism and Shaivism. The Kumbabhishekam of the temple took place recently.

How to reach

The temple is a minute's walk from the Tnagar bus stand on Usman road. Almost all the parts of the city are connected by bus services to the most happening and busy shopping area of Tnagar. By train, Mambalam station on the Beach-Tambaram route is the nearest.


Vishnu temple sannadhis ---

Srinivasa perumal
Mahalakshmi thayar
Lakshmi Narasimhar, Tumbikai alwar and Krishna in the praharam

Siva temple sannadhis ---

Subramanya swamy with Valli, Devanai
Siddhi buddhi vinayagar
Parvathi amman
Nagar and sthala vruksha on a seperate platform
Kasi Vishwanathar
Varasiddhi vinayagar

Specialty of the temple

The striking feature is the presence of both Shiva and Vishnu sannadhis in the same temple complex.

Devotees can perform pooja to Kasi Vishwanathar themselves like in the temples of North India.

Temple timings

The temple is open from 6 am to 11 am in the mornings and from 5 pm to 9 pm in the evenings.

Temples in proximity

Sri Raghavendra mutt- T.nagar, Sri Venkateshwara devasthanam - T.nagar


chitra said...

I was in Chennai last week. Just came back yesterday. i saw this temple on my way to the the T nagar bus stand. But didn't go inside as we were late and wanted to reach home.Next time I would visit this.

Unknown said...

I am a first time temple goer though I do pray from home and have gone to temples occasionally with family. Going to visit and see the two powerful gods Vishnu and Siva at one place is a dream come true. Today it will become true, god willing. Thank you, God Almighty, for now at least opening my eyes to the importance of prayer and devotion in temples. God bless all of you

Vasanth said...

I Live Very Near To This Temple And Often Visit here , This is a wonderful place where you can see all gods , any one who comes to T.nagar defiantly drop in to this temple it will be a wonderful experience for sure , all utsavams are followed according to each deity sathyanarayana pooja , pradosham, Vaikunta ekadasi, shravanam , siva rathrir , sanktahara sathhurthi etc, if you get a chance visit this temple and get blessed.

Srinivasa Natarajan said...

Can you please give me the temple's contact number ? I need to get some more details about puja archanai.
Thx a lot.

EC said...

Sorry I don't have the contact details

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