Choza Naadu Divyadesams route map -Part 1

There are in all 40 temples under Choza naatu divyadesams of Sri Vaishnavas. The temples can be further classifed into

1. Kumbakonam based divyadesams (12)
2. Trichy based divyadesams (6)
3. Mayavaram based divyadesams (4)
4. Sirkazhi based divyadesams (14)
5. Nagapattinam based divyadesams (4)

Click on the picture to enlarge..the ones with blue borders are divyadesams and ones in red are non-divyadesams.

Kumbakonam/Tanjavur divyadesams map --

Mayavaram based divyadesams map--

Trichy based divyadesams map --


chitra said...

Last time I was finding it difficult to post comment here.
Good information.

Balaji Manivasagam said...

சோழநாட்டு திவ்யா தேசங்கள் 40 இல் 36 மட்டுமே படத்தில் உள்ளது மீதம் 4?

EC said...

Sir...I could see the map for all 40 temples..did you check here

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