Veera Kothanda ramar temple - Thillai vilagam

About the temple and Specialty of the temple

Rama idol found in this place in mid 1800. The temple was built for the utsavar moorthies. However now smaller utsavars are also present and the original utsavars are treated as moolavar.

Rama, Lakshmana, Sita and Anjaneya are found in Majestic posture. Rama is supposed to have visited an ashram here on his way back to Ayodhya from Sri Lanka.

Rama is found with Rama bhana instead of the usual crescent shaped arrow. Lord Rama is said to have used the Rama bhana only thrice - one aginst kakasura, one on vali and one for ravana.

It is said that the rekhas (lines) and rings can be seen clearly on his hands. A green nerve running through the right foot of the lord is clearly visible. Also the raksha tied by Kaushalkya for Rama's protection can be seen on his left leg.

Lord Anajaneya is seen here in a posture with one hand closer to the mouth as in passing on Bharatha's message to Rama.

All of us who would'nt have  worshipped Rama's vibhava avatara can enjoy his beauty in archa form here.

" Ovi athu ezhutha onna " - 
meaning one who's beauty cannot be drawn or explained. 

Lord Rama stands true to this description here.

How to reach

Muttupettai is the nearest bus stand and connected with other important places nearby. Mannargudi to Muthupettai is around 36 Kms and would take 1 1/2 hours by bus. Muttupettai is around 20 kms from Thiruthuraipoondi and 45 kms from Thiruvarur. Muthupettai to Thillai valagam is around 7 kms. Autos and taxis are available near Muttupettai bus stand and charge about 200 Rs.

The nearest airport is Trichy and nearest railhead is Mannargudi station.

Temples in proximity

Mannargudi Rajagopala swamy temple

vira kothanda ramar temple viira veera vera kotanda kothanda rama thilai thillai vilagam valagam villagam 
தில்லை விளாகம் வளாகம் வீர கோதண்ட ராமர் திருக்கோவில் அபிமான ஸ்தலம்   abhimana sthalam stalam abimana

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