Paramapadhanathan perumal temple, Iyyenpettai

About the temple

The presiding deity of the temple is Sri Paramapadha nathan perumal exactly as in vaikuntam. There is a seperate temple for Kanakavalli thayar and Kothanda ramar with Lakshmanan and Sita. Lord Paramapadha nathan gives darshan in a sitting posture on Adiseshan with five heads of the serpent over the head. While two of the hands hold shanku and chakra, the third hand is placed over the right knee and fourth is on Adiseshan. The Lord's posture of one leg folded and one leg in the front as if he is just going to get up and move. Sridevi and Bhoodevi appears besides the Lord with one leg bent and another in the front as if they are also ready to get up and move with the Lord. It is also interesting to note that even Sridevi and Bhoodevi are also seated on Adiseshan here.

The specialty of Kanakavalli thayar here is that both the moolavar and utsavar have a hole in their nose for the nose ring and bullack (worn between two nostrils). The archakar very neatly removes and shows the pin in the nose ring as in the ones worn by ladies normally. It has not been stuck to the nose like in other temples.

Like in Kaveripakkam Sundara Varadar/ Azhagiya ramar temple, the posture of Garudan in this temple is also one leg bent backward and another on the ground in a ready to fly posture.

There is a big temple tank right outside the main temple besides the Anjaneyar sannadhi.

How to reach

The temple is around 4 kms from Kaveripakkam. Coming from Chennai side on the Bangalore highway, take a right towards Kaveripakkam to reach Iyempettai. The other name is Thiamukanjeri, though Iyempettai is more well known. The temple is exactly behind the school in Iyyempettai.


Paramapadha nathan perumal
Kanakavalli Thayar
Kothanda ramar, Lakshmanan and Sita

Temples in proximity

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