Nava Tirupathi divyadesams - General information for travel

Nava Thirupathis come under Pandiya naatu divyadesams of Sri Vaishnavas. Each of the nine temples represent one of the nine grahas of navagrahas- namely Sooryan, Chandran, Rahu, Ketu, Guru, Shukran, Shani, Mangalan, Sowmyan. Although the number of temples are nine, it constitutes only eight divyadesams with two temples called Irratai tirupathi combinedly considered as just one divyadesam.

Some of these temples are really big and takes time to pray at all sannadhis and come around the prakaram admiring the beautiful sculptures and architecture. The timings of the temple are also quite varied. However one can easily cover all the nine temples in half a day's trip.

Three of the temples are on one side of the Thamirabharani river and six of them on another side. Have a look at the map to enlarge

The roads are really small and rough as one goes into the interiors and it is advisible to either hire a guide if going by personal vehicle. However most of the taxi drivers from Tirunelveli and Srivaikundam are well versed with the routes and temple timings.

Have a look at the temple timings -

Depending on what time one starts visiting the temples, it would be ideal to mark the temples that close early and finish it off first and then go on to visit the temples that remain open even during the afternoon.

Accomodation facilities are good only at Thirunelveli and Alwar Thirunagari

Temple that can also be visited in the same day -

1. Bhavisyatar sannadhi - Right behind Alwar Thirunagari temple

2. Punnai nagar Srinivasa temple - Managed by the famous Hotel Saravana bhavan group

3. Karungulam Srinivasa temple - On the Tirunelveli- Tiruchendur highway

4. Krishnapuram Venkateshwara temple- On the Tirunelveli- Tiruchendur highway closer to Tirunelveli


chitra said...

These temple I have visited when I was in Tirunelveli but I visited Sri Vaikuntam many it was closer to my house.

I do not have much pics of these temples though.

Satyaanarayana Kumar said...

Planning to visit by July 17. Staying in Thiruchendur. Kindly tell me from where to start & by what time.

EC said...

The earlier you start it's better...pls check with your taxi service..they are usually well aware of the best route and timings. You can also check with lokesh cabs..9095357766. We recently used their vehicle for the trip.

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