Sri Pandava dhootar perumal, Thirupaadakam/Thirupaadagam

About the temple

The temple is among the 108 divyadesams of Sri Vaishnavas and comes under Tondai naatu divyadesams. One can leisurely cover all the 15 divyadesams in Kanchipuram in a day's trip. When Janamejayan, a descendant of Pandavas meditated on Sri Krishna and did Ashwamedha yagna here fascinated by Sri Krishna's vishwaroopa form as a messenger for Pandavas, the Lord appeared here as Pandava dhootar here. The Lord is 28 ft high in a sitting posture and really huge. There is a seperate sannadhi for Rukmini thayar here.

How to reach

The temple is close to the famous Kanchi kamakoti peetam and Sri Ekambareeswarar temple in Chinna Kanchipuram. Click to enlarge


Pandava dootar perumal
Rukmini thayar
Alwars and acharyas
Manavala mamunigal
Chakratalwar and Narasimhar

Vimanam and pushkarni

The temple tank is called Matsya theertham and the vimanam is known as Bhadra vimanam.

Temple timings

The temple is open from 7 am to 11 am in the mornings and from 4 pm to 7.30 pm in the evenings.

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chitra said...

Haven't visited this. How can one cover 15 odd temples in a day. Each temple just moving in and out would need abt. 1/2 hr as they are huge ones. We hardly wait for any archanas. Just move in and out and time for few clicks . We are able to do only max. 8 in a day. You must be really fast.I appreciate you.

EC said...

Chitra.. Of the 15 divyadesams in Kanchipuram, 4 are in a single temple-so u are left with 12 temples and one of the divyadesams is a combination of 2 temples, so in all 13 temples for 15 divyadesams. just one of them is a bit away, rest all are close to each other..not all are big ones and popular..of these just 3-4 are very popular ones-rest of them have very few people coming over and so darshan can be finished really fast..even we just have darshan -no archana and take a few mins for pictures and pradakshina..If you check the timings and plan your trip, you can definetely finish all the 15 divyadesams of Kanchi in two sessions..

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