Sri Kothandaramar perumal temple, Vaduvur

About the temple

Vaduvur Ramar temple is among the Purana sthalams and is close to Mannargudi. The presiding deity here is Sri Kothandaramar with Sita, Lakshmanan and Anjaneyar. It is interesting to note the similarities in the moolavar and utsavar idols here. The temple is also called Vakulaaranya kshetram.

Initially Sri Rajagopalan swamy with Rukmini and Satyabama were the presiding deities of this temple. The story goes that when Sri Rama was returning to Ayodhya after 14 years, he asked Vishvakarma to create an idol like him so that the rishis who were requesting him to stay back allow him to return. Later these idols were buried in Thalai Gnayiru a village near Thiruthurai poondi by the rishis. After several years, the Lord appeared in the dreams of a king Sarabhoji and asked him to unearthen the idols from the said place. When the king passed by Vaduvur with the idols of Sri Rama, Sita and hanuman, the people there didnt let him take the beautiful idols away and requested him to install the deities in the Rajagopalan swamy temple.

How to reach

The temple is around 24 kms from thanjavur and 15 kms from Mannargudi close to SH 63. Buses on Thanjavur - Mannargudi route stop at Vaduvur and the temple is at a walkable distance from the bus stop.


Sri Ramar with Sita, Lakshmanan and Hanuman
Raja gopalan
Vedanta desikar
Alwars and Acharyas
Manavala mamunigal

Temple timings

The temple is open in the mornings from 8 am to 12 noon and in the evenings from 4.30 pm to 8.30 pm.

Temples in proximity

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