Nachiyar temple, Thirunaraiyur

About the temple and specialities

Lord Naraiyur nambi and nachiyar thayar preside here in a wedding posture. Special importance is given to thayar in this temple and always the first privilege to given to nachiyar. The prasadam is also first offered to the goddess only and nachiyar leads the procession in hamsa vahanam.

There is a statue of garuda here in a separate sannadhi. During Garuda sevai, the number of people required to carry garuda through each of the five prakarams of the temple keeps doubling from 4 to 128 people. Again while coming inside the temple, the weight keeps decreasing and the number of persons carrying keeps reducing by half to final 4 who carry it into the sannadhi. Worshipping Kal Garuda is said to free devotees from naga dosha and bless childless couples.

It is the only temple among the 108 divyadesams of srivaishnavas where God Naraiyur nambi has the conch and charka in front of his face.

Also, only in this temple, there are idols of the presiding deities of the 108 divyadesams of Srivaishnavas.

Another specialty of the temple is only in this divyadesam, there is brahma in standing posture inside the temple.

How to reach

The nearest town is Kumbakonam, 10 kms away. Buses from kumbakonam to tiruvarur stop at nachiyar koil. Since there are three more divyadesams on this route, it would be ideal to hire a private car or auto.

Nearest railway station: Kumbakonam


Naraiyur Nambi
Vanjulavalli thayar (same sannadhi as the lord)
Kal Garuda
Yoga Narasimha
Sri Ram

Pushkarni and Vimanam

The temple tank I known as Mani mukthi nadhi theertham while the vimanam is named after the lord as “Srinivasa Vimaanam”

Temple timings and Contact Details

The temple is open from 6.30 am to 12.30 pm in the mornings and from 4.30 pm to 8.30pm in the evenings.

Contact person is Sri Gopinathan Bhattar (9443597388).

Temples in proximity

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Anonymous said...

It will be of use if temple telephone contact numbers are also posted in the site

Unknown said...

about garuda seva festival in APRIL

EC said...

Sorry akv, I dont have any information regd this, will surely let you know if I get the details about it

Dr Raj E said...

I have been trying to find out the dates of Kal Garuda Utasava at Nachiyar Koil temple. Please pride a calendar so people from out side of India and plan to attend these one in a life time events.

Dr Raj E said...

Please publish the date of these once in a lifetime events to take part for the next few years at least. Thank you.

What would it take, financially, to sponsor one such event?

EC said...

Dr Raj...I am not involved with the temple activities directly and through this blog I mainly try to provide details about the speciality of the temple and the routes once I personally visit the temple. Maybe you can try calling up the number given in the contact details and check up for the dates..thanks

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