Sri Ranganatha temple, Srirangam

About the temple

 Divyadesams are those temples where the alwars have sung songs or pasurams in praise of the presiding deity. All of them together form the naal ayiram divya prabandam. Sri Ranganatha temple of Srirangam is the first among the 108 divyadesams of Sri Vaishnavas and one of the oldest temples. It is a part of the choza naadu divyadesams. It is spread over an area of 156 acres and has 7 prakarams with 21 gopurams. There are huge walls surrounding the periya kovil. In the main sannadhi is Lord ranganatha in a reclining pose on the serpent bed. The utsavar in the main sannadhi is known as Namperumal. The temple is also called Booloka Vaikuntam. The seven streets in the 7 prakarams are called

1) Dharma Varman Thiruchuttru
2) Raja Mahendran thiruveedhi
3) Kulasekaran Thiruveedhi
4) Aalinaadan Thiruveedhi
5) Agalangan Thiruveedhi
6) Thiru vikraman thiruveedhi
7) Chitthirai Thiruveedhi

How to reach

Srirangam is close to Trichy in Tamilnadu. Lot of buses ply from trichy to srirangam. Staying facilities are also available at Srirangam. The temple is close to srirangam railway station. Trichy is well connected with important cities by train and road in India. The nearest airport is Trichy.

Specialty of the temple

All the alwars have sung pasurams in praise of Lord Ranganatha in Srirangam. In all there are 247 pasurams.

There are 12 kalasams on the raja gopuram, which is the biggest in Asia.

Srirangam is the birth place of Pillai Locachariyar, Periyanambigal and Battar Vadakuthiruveethi pillai

Srirangam is also the paramapadha sthalam of Ramanujar, Thuluka Naachiyaar, Kulasekara alwar, Soodikodutha Naachi Aandal, Thondaradipodi Alwar and Thirupaan Alwar

Ramanuja’s tirumeni is still present in the sannadhi and is being preserved with a special type of oil.

Vedanta Desikar composed the Paduka sahasram in praise of the Lord Ranganatha’s feet in this temple.


Lord Ranganatha
Ranganayaki thayar
Veli Andal
Amritha Kalasa Garuda
Vedantha Desikar
Thirupaan alwar
Thiruvaranga perumlarayar
Periya Garudan
Thondaradipodi alwar
Metty Azhagiyasinger
Sriranga Nachiyar

Pushkarni and Vimanam

The temple pushkarnis are known as chandira pushkarni, Cauveri, Kollidam and Vedacchurangam. The vimanam is called Pranavaakruthi vimanam.
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