Sri Ranganatha Temple, Madhyarangam

About the temple

There are three rangam alongside the river Kaveri – Adhi Rangam is the Srirangapatna temple near Mysore, Anthima rangam is Srirangam in Tamilnadu and Madhyarangam temple in Karnataka close to Gagan chukki and Bhari chukki falls.
Apart from the utsavar idols we can find santhana Krishna and chakrathalwar also in the main sannadhi of the lord. In this temple, Thayar has a separate sannadhi.

How to reach

Madhyarangam is around 120 kms from Bangalore. After reaching maddur on the Bangalore-Mysore Highway, take left if travelling from Bangalore and right if travelling from Mysore side to join the Maddur Kollegal road. The same route applies to the famous Shivanasamudram Falls and Satyagala temple. Take a left from Sathyagalam Hand Post to reach the temple. The temple is just opposite this gopuram.


Sri Ranganatha
Sri Ranganayaki thayar
Swami Desikan

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Sahasi said...

Great compilation of temples. You must visit Thattekere, Mahimapura, Kaidala, Kanakapura, Chikkamalur (bala Krishna temple) where beautiful temples are located. Search on Google and you will find my articles about these places as reference points.

Suneel Gudipati said...

Nice posts. Your blog is very intersting,:-)

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