Nava Pashanam - Devipattinam, Ramanathapuram district

About the temple

Nava bhasanam at Devipattinam  is a small coastal village about 15 kms from Ramanathapuram. It is said that Sri Ram had prayed to the Nava grahas here by placing nine stones prior to going to war at Lanka. It is increasingly getting popular among devotees who visit the nearby temples of Rameshwaram and Thirupullani.

The nine stones representing the Nava grahas or nine planets can be seen few metres into the sea. However depending on the water levels one may get to see all or few of them.

Devotees perform pooja here with navadhanyam to please the nine planets.

How to reach
It is about 15 kms from Ramanathapuram and buses going to Karaikudi stop at Devipattinam. The shore is walkable from the bus stop.

Temples in proximity: Rameswaram, Thirupullani Aadi Jagannathan temple


Akila said...

wow very lovely temple collection... if we need to search regarding temple, your blog is a boon...

Anu said...

We have been going to this place since a long time, and earlier it used to be really beautiful when there were just these stones in the middle of the sea, and nothing else... cant help feeling that all the construction , which apparently makes things easier for pilgrims, only succeeds in spoiling the look of the place! and the last time i went, it was really dirty with rubbish all over the place... but your pics still make it look good///

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