Sri Aadi keseva perumal / Koorathalwar temple, Kooram

About the temple

The presiding deity of the temple is Sri Aadhi Keseva perumal with Sridevi and Bhoomidevi thayar in standing posture. The utsavar is also called by the same name. Kooram is the avathara sthalam of Sri Kooratazhwar.

Kooratazhwar is considered to be the avatara of Sri Rama himself. He is an epitome of humbleness and person with unmatched guru bhakti. Although born into a rich family he gave away all his material wealth and became a shishya of Sri Ramanuja. He helped Ramanuja towards the composition of Sri Bhasyam.

                                               The entrance to Sri Kooratazhwar sannadhi
How to reach

Kooram is around 10 kms from Kanchipuram and 77 kms from Chennai. Coming from Chennai on the Bangalore highway, continue going straight after the left turn indicating route to Kanchipuram to reach a flyover. Go below the flyover and take the right turn below the bridge. Then take a left to cross the railway line and continue to reach kooram.

Another route is to go across the flyover and then take a right turn for Kooram

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Aadi Keseva perumal
Pankajavalli thayar
                                                     The vimanam of Kooratazhwar sannadhi
Thirumangai alwar
Parasara bhattar
Pillai Logaachariyaar
Manavala maamunigal
Chakrathazhwar and Narasimhar

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