Ramanuja Yogavanam, Vaiyavoor

 About the temple

The temple built by Sri Seetharama Swamigal is very close to and on the way to Thirumalai Vaiyavoor Srinivasa perumal temple. Its a very peaceful temple with some unique sannadhis are difficult to find elsewhere. It is neatly maintained and the presiding lord is the charming Srinivasa perumal. Also called Amritapuri the temple is managed by the Sri Srinivasa Niketanam. There is seperate sannadhis next to the main structure for the unique Ganesha, Garuda and Anjeneya.

Specialty of the temple

There are some unique vigrahams. First is the unique Navagraha Vinayakar which is a twin god sculpture with Ganesha in the front and yoga narasimha at the back side seated on Adisesha. The Nava grahas representing the nine planets are placed on the body of vinayaka in the front. The Garudan is an attractive one with a Nectar pot on the upper right hand and the left upper hand holding the Serpent King. The Anjeneya idol has the Sanjeevana mountain on the right hand and the mace in his left hand. Also Anjeneya's right feet is ahead of the left. 

How to reach

Going on the GST road from Chennai, about 18 kms from Chengelpet look for the board directing to Vedanthangal. Take the right there (called Padalam koot road or junction) and the temple is on the right side. There is a big arch at the entrance.


Srinivasa perumal
Madhuravalli thayar
Garuda and Anjeneya

Navagraha vinayakar

Nagars on a seperate platform

Contact details

The contact number is o44-27565237

Temples in proximity

Kamala Varadaraja perumal- Arasar kovil, Prasanna Venkateshwara perumal- Thirumalai Vaiyavoor


Sanctified Spaces said...

the icon is defn..unique.

chitra said...

I have a lot to visit in and around Chennai. This is providing good info. Haven't heard of Ganesha idol with Narasimhar combination

Anu said...

This is really interesting. have never heard of it before... my list of temples to visit in chennai is increasing by the day, thanks to you!

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