Choza Naadu Divyadesams route map -Part 1

There are in all 40 temples under Choza naatu divyadesams of Sri Vaishnavas. The temples can be further classifed into

1. Kumbakonam based divyadesams (12)
2. Trichy based divyadesams (6)
3. Mayavaram based divyadesams (4)
4. Sirkazhi based divyadesams (14)
5. Nagapattinam based divyadesams (4)

Click on the picture to enlarge..the ones with blue borders are divyadesams and ones in red are non-divyadesams.

Kumbakonam/Tanjavur divyadesams map --

Mayavaram based divyadesams map--

Trichy based divyadesams map --

Navagraha kshetram around Mayiladuthurai and Kumbakonam

This popular set of Navagraha kshetrams are located around Mayiladuthurai (Mayavaram) and Kumbakonam. Taxis and hotels offer package tours for visiting all these temples.

Sooryan----Suriyanarkoil (Special on Sundays)
Chandran--Thingalur (Special on Mondays)
Sevvai----- Vaitheeswaran koil (Special on Tuesdays)
Pudhan-----Thiruvengadu (Special on Wednesdays)
Guru--------Alangudi (Special on Thursday)
Sukkiran----Kanjanur (Special on Fridays)
Sani---------Thirunallar (Special on Saturdays)
Rahu--------Thirunageswaram (Special on Sundays)
Kethu-------Keezhaperumpallam (Special on Sundays)

Route map for the temples to enlarge

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Vaishnava Nava graha kshetrams near Kumbakonam/Tanjore
Vaishnava Nava graha kshetrams near Tirunelveli

Vaishnava Nava Graha sthalam near Tirunelveli

Some of the Vaishnava temples are also associated with nava graha parihara sthalam. Following is the list of temples located near Tirunelveli that are associated with these grahas-- 

Sun (suryan) : Sri Vaikuntha natha perumal (Srivaikundam)
Moon (chandran): Sri Vijayaasana perumal temple (Thiru Varagunamangai)
Mars (sevvai): Sri Vaaitha Maanitha perumal temple (Thirukolur)
Mercury (budan): Sri Kaisana vendhar perumal temple (Thirupulingudi)
Jupiter(guru): Sri Aadinathar temple (Alwar Thirunagari)
Venus (shukran): Sri Makara Nedunkuzhaikkadan perumal temple (Ten Tirupperai)
Saturn (sani) : Srinivasa perumal temple, Perungulam
Dragon's tail (rahu): Sri Aravinda Lochanar perumal temple (Erattai Tirupathi)
Dragon's head (kethu): Sri Devapiran perumal temple (Erattai Tirupathi)

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Vaishnava Nava graha temples around Kumbakonam and Tanjore

Nava graha kshetrams near Mayavaram and Kumbakonam

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Pandiya naatu divyadesams Route map

There are in all 18 divyadesams in Pandiya naadu. The temples can be classified further into Madurai based divyadesams and Tirunelveli based divyadesams.

** Click on the image to enlarge it..The maps are just an indication and not to scale
** The temples with blue outline are divyadesams and those with red outlines are other interesting temples in the nearby area
** Click on the name of the temple for details about the temple, how to reach, timings and more..

1. Madurai based divyadesams

One can cover 8 divyadesams by staying at Madurai..the suggested routes are

Day 1 : Start with Koodal Azhagar temple within Madurai..move to Azhagar kovil and Thirumogur and finish in half day. Continue to Thirukoshtiyur and Thirumayam in the evening and return back to Madurai. (If time permits can cover Pilliyarpatti Karpaga Vinayagar temple and Ariyakudi Srinivasa perumal temple)

Day 2 : Visit Srivilliputtur and Thiruthankal by leaving early in the morning and return to Madurai. Proceed towards Rameshwaram and visit Sethu karai and Thirupullani temple. (If time permits visit Rameshwaram and Nava Bhasanam)

2. Tirunelveli based divyadesams (Suggested routes for 10 divyadesams)

Day 1 : Visit Nava tirupathis and Bhasyakarar temple near Alwar Thirunagari. Tiruchendur Murugan temple, Punniyakudi Srinivasa temple, Karungulam Venkatachalapati temple and Krishnapuram Venkateshwara temple can also be covered while coming back.

Day 2 : Visit Nanguneri/Vanamamalai and Thirukurungudi (3 temples -one main, second parkadal nambi temple nearby and third Malaimel nambi temple)..If time permits visit Ramanuja vattaparai. Evenings can be used for visiting Nelliappar temple in Tirunelveli town and other temples.

Route map for Tondai naatu divyadesams

Of all the 108 divyadesams, there are in all 22 divyadesams in Tondai naatu - 15 of them in Kanchipuram alone. One can easily visit all of them in 3 map to enlarge and click on the name of the temple to get details like how to reach, temple timings etc specific to that temple

Day 1 : Kanchipuram is around 80 kms from Chennai. One can visit all 15 divyadesams of Kanchipuram -half in morning and half in evening. Check the route map to visit the temples here.

Day 2 : Sholingur is around 115 kms from Chennai. Start early and finish Sholingur Narsimhar temple by afternoon..Rest for some time and visit Thiruvallur Veeraraghava perumal temple and Tiruninravur Bhaktavasala perumal temple in the evening.

Day 3 : Visit Thiruneermalai -around 22 kms from Chennai and go to Thiruvidanthai and Thirukadalmallai (Sthala syana perumal) divyadesams. In the evening visit Triplicane Parthasarathy temple.

Nava Narasimhar temple, Avaniapuram

About the temple

This beautiful temple is on a small hillock in two tiers. The first tier has Lord Lakshmi Narsimhar, Alarmel mangai thayar and Pancha Narasimhar sannadhis. There is a small Garuda sannadhi inside the temple and Anjaneya sannadhi outside the main sannadhi in the first tier. The second tier has sannadhis for Lord Srinivasar, Sholingur Narsimhar, Varadaraja perumal and Ranganatha perumal.

In this moolavar sannadhi, thayar in the lap of Lord Narsimhar also has a Lion face in this temple. The day the goddess got the Lion face from the Lord is celebrated once in 60 years. Lord Narasimhar is said to have appeared here in the form of five Divyadesam lords for Brighu Maharishi.

How to reach

The temple is on the Vandavasi - Arani highway. The distance from Chennai is around 135 kms. The best route from Chennai is to take the GST road and take the right towards Uttiramerur. Proceed towards Kanchipuram road and take the left towards Vandavasi. After reaching Vandavasi, take the right towards Arani and exactly at the 26th km from Vandavasi, there is an arch on the left with the board of Avaniapuram. The temple is about 1.4 kms from the Arch.


Lakshmi Narasimhar
Pancha Narasimhar with Adi seshan and Kalinga Nardhanar
Alarmelmangai thayar
Sholingur Narasimhar

Specialty of the temple

1. Apart from Lord Narasimhar, thayar and garudan also have Lion face.

2. One can have darshan of five important divyadesam lords in the same temple - Ahobila nava narasimhar, Sholingur Narasimhar, Tirupathi Balaji, Kanchi Varadaraja perumal and Srirangam Ranganathar perumal.

Temple timings

The temple is open in the mornings from 6 am to 12 noon and in the evenings from 3 pm to 8 pm. There is heavy rush on Saturdays and the timings extend to 1 pm in the afternoon and till 11 pm in the night.

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